Spaces Between Teeth

Намунлин’s Question : Hello. I really don’t know what to do with my teeth. I got a space between my teeth. I wear braces but the dentist said that my empty space between my teeth will stay as it is. What should i do with this? Please help? I’ll send my teeth picture

Dentures Cost Guide Answer : Where is the space?

Намунлин : Here i’ll show another pic

Space between teeth.

Space between teeth.

Намунлин : You see the space in my front teeth?

Намунлин : I wear braces and the dentist said the space will not be filled by braces

Dentures Cost Guide Answer : Yep. That’s true.

Намунлин : What can be done to fill the empty space?

Dentures Cost Guide : Soft tissue graft or veneers. For more info read :