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What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacement for no teeth. Dentures are not real teeth. They are artificial.

Compared to natural teeth, dentures offer 15-20% efficiency.

Dentures are custom-made to restore the appearance and sometimes improve the beauty of a person. They can also restore part of oral function that were lost due to missing teeth of a person.

Dentures Cost –

Dentures Cost –

What are different types of dentures?

According to number of missing teeth, there are two types of dentures:
Complete dentures are made when all teeth are missing. A complete dentures has a denture base that is made of acrylic resin. Denture base is colored like the gum tissue of the patient. It supports resin teeth or porcelain denture teeth.

Complete dentures are retained by denture bearing tissue with the help of greater atmospheric pressure on the outer surface of the dentures.

Partial dentures are made for a partially dentate person. They are retained by the remaining teeth and denture bearing tissues through clasps and/or attachments and/or intimate contact of the denture and the soft tissues.

For partially dentate person, a partial denture is made. -

For partially dentate person, a partial denture is made. –

How are dentures made?

Dentures are made by your dentist with the help of a dental technician. At first, preliminary impression of the patient’s lower and upper jaws will be made by the dentist. Your dentist will use the impressions to make study models (casts).

Study casts will guide your dentist on planning your whole prosthodontic treatment. Your dentist will also make custom impression trays which he will use for the final impression making procedure.

After final impression making, your maxillomandibular relation registration will be recorded. Final models (casts) will be made from the final impressions. The final models will be mounted on an articulator using the maxillomandibular relation registration records as guides.

The trial dentures/wax dentures will be set by your dentist and dental technician from the mounted final models.

Next, your dentist will try-in the wax dentures to you to ensure proper fit and to attain a desirable appearance.

After try-in, the wax dentures will be processed by the dental lab. Next stage is the trimming and polishing of the processed dentures.

When the dentures are done, they will be issued to you by your dentist on the next appointment. Adjustments will be made on the day of issuance.

Further adjustments, if needed, will be made on your next dental appointments.

Are there alternatives to removable dentures?

Yes. Bridges and implants are alternatives to removable dentures.

Fixed Bridges are made for a partially dentate person. Bridge is held by crowns on both ends of the bridge that are cemented on natural teeth or implant abutments. Also called as fixed dentures, bridges can be made from reinforced resin, metal, porcelain fused to metal and all porcelain.

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots that a dentist places into a jaw to hold replacement teeth or bridge in place.

Will dentures affect the way of a person looks, feels, eats, and speaks?

Yes. Dentures can restore a person’s appearance to a certain degree.

Dentures do affect how you speak – an improved way of speaking compared to no teeth.

Dentures affect how you eat. Compared to natural teeth, you have 15 – 20 % chewing efficiency with your dentures on.

Are dentures worn throughout the day?

Your dentist will tell you if you wear them throughout the day. But generally, it should be taken out at night to allow your gum tissue to rest.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

Removable Partial Denture with cast metal framework.

Removable Partial Denture with cast metal framework.

The factors are arranged from the least affordable to the most affordable – being most expensive
option to the least expensive option.

1. Type of Denture
Fixed Denture > Removable Denture
A Fixed Denture (Fixed Bridge) is more expensive than a removal partial denture.

Fixed Denture
Type of material
All-Ceramic bridge > Porcelain fused to metal bridge > Acrylic bridge with metal substructure >
Acrylic bridge
All-ceramic bridge type is ranked the most expensive among the four, making Acrylic bridge the least
expensive type.

Type of abutment
Implant > Milled Crown > Natural Tooth
An Implant abutment is more costly than Milled Crown and Natural tooth as abutments.
Coverage of retainer
The overall cost of a full-coverage crown retainers is more expensive that the Resin Retained type.

Removable Denture

Lower removable partial denture with metal framework

Lower removable partial denture with metal framework

Type of support
Implant supported denture > Tooth supported denture > Tooth-tissue supported > Soft tissue supported
The price cost of a removable denture will also depend on the support it will depend on. Implant
supported denture is more expensive among them all, making a soft tissue supported the least

Type of retainer
Implant retained removable denture > Precision attachment retained removable denture > Clasp retained
removable denture > Soft tissue retained removable denture
Another factor that affects the cost of denture is the type of retainer. Implant retained removable
denture is the most expensive, while ranking a soft tissue retained removable denture the least
expensive option.

Rigidity of denture framework
Flexible framework > Dentures with cast metal framework > All acrylic dentures
Rigidity of denture also affect the denture cost. Dentures with flexible framework is the most
expensive, making acrylic dentures the least expensive option.

2. Number of missing teeth.
5 missing teeth > 3 missing teeth > 1 missing tooth.
Number of missing teeth is another factor that affects the price of a denture. Rule of thumb: The more
missing teeth, the more expensive that dentures are. Hence, a denture with case of 5 missing teeth
will be more expensive than a denture with 1-3 missing teeth.

Porcelain fused to metal bridge for an upper missing first molar.

Porcelain fused to metal bridge for an upper missing first molar.

3. Location of the missing
3rd factor is the location of missing teeth. Dentures replacing missing anterior teeth will be more
costly than missing posterior teeth.

4. Specialty of the dentist
Fourth factor is the specialty of dentist. A dentist that has specialized in a certain field (e.g.
Prosthodontist) will have a more expensive cost of treatment than a General Dentist.

5. Number of treating Dentists
5th factor is the number of treating Dentists working in a particular case. Multi-specialty dental
team will be more costly as it will involve more people of different expertise than a general

6. Location of the dental office
City > Town
City bound dental office will be more costly than a Town bound dental office.
US and European countries > Asian Countries
Dental offices located in US and European countries will have more expensive dental treatment than
dental offices found in Asian Countries.

A top of the line CAD CAM crown fabricated by a Ceramics Specialty Dental Laboratory

A top of the line CAD CAM crown fabricated by a Ceramics Specialty Dental Laboratory

7. Dental laboratory
7th factor that plays a role in cost of a denture is the type of Dental Laboratory the dentist works with.
The mark up price of a denture made by a specialty dental lab is more expensive than a General dental
lab. Location of dental laboratories also plays a role in the cost aspect. Dental laboratories in US and European countries will charge more, hence dentures will cost more, as compared to Dental Laboratories in Asian Countries.

8. Demand
8th factor is demand. Fabrication of a denture that is requested by the patient will greatly affect
the cost, making it more expensive than dentures fabricated according to what the patient needs.

For more information about Dentures Cost, please consult a Dentist. There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.


  1. How much does it cost for a dental implant in Australia?

    • The cost Dental implant in Australia is around $2,500 up. That price is for implant surgery and the prosthetic component. 🙂 Thanks for visiting our site.

  2. Hi. Congrats for the very informative website. I have 3 missing teeth in front. Is it possible to restore it with 2 dental implants only? Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

    • Hello. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, that is possible. The restoration will be a fully bone anchored prosthesis ( implant retained / supported bridge ).

  3. Hi. Congrats for a very informative website. I just want to ask, how much do implants cost in Canada? I mean the average.

    • The cost is same with Implants in US. Around $3,000 and above.

  4. Good info.

    • Thanks sab. I hope you visit Dentures Cost Guide website often. Share our website to your friends by clicking the share buttons bellow the post.

  5. Hi. I have to consult my case. I need a dental implant. I already have x rays. Where can I possibly send it?

  6. How much do dentures cost in Romania? I lost all my top and bottom teeth.

    • The cost is case to case basis. Your dentist will tell you how much upon examination of your upper and lower edentulous ridge.

  7. What is flexible dentures cost in Manila Philippines?

  8. What is flexible dentures cost in Makati?

    • 45 – 60k in Makati

  9. How much po pabrace senyo? madami po nagsasabi sken khit hindi na ko magpabrace kasi parang wla naman teeth ko..pero gusto ko lang pabrace para mejo may magbago sa smile ko..thnx 🙂

    • Hi. Thanks for reading our website. Our website is about denture cost.

  10. how much is the removal dentures ?my dentist advice me to have a removal dentures if I will have my braces .I have lacking tooth that needs to be filled that will serve a bridge for the braces.Would it be too much pricey?I forgot to ask my dentist at that moment..

    • Hi. You cannot wear a removable denture while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

  11. Hi. How much do I spend for a maryland fixed denture for missing lateral incisor in Manila?

    • In Manila, the cost of porcelain fused to metal maryland bridge for 1 missing tooth is $150 up.

  12. Thanks!

  13. Ano po ang mas matibay, zirconia bridge o e max bridge?

    • Zircona bridge is much stronger. Emax bridge is indicated for missing anterior tooth. While in posterior missing tooth, zirconia is indicated. Posterior teeth receives greater masticatory load.

  14. Thanks for visiting our website. Send in your questions by using the form below. 😀

  15. I wanna know. Which is better for missing front tooth? Emax or Bruzir?

    • Emax bridge is esthetically superior than bruxzir. Zirconia bridges are too “opaque”/white for anterior.

    • Hi! Just wanna ask what denture should i came with, I have a 6 missing teeth on my upper gum? and how much would it cost here in the philippines

        • hi how much the cost of plastic denture with 9 to 10 tooth here in the philippines?

          • The price depends on type of denture base, denture teeth, location of the clinic and specialty of your dentist.

  16. Flexible Denture vs Solid ones, anu-ano po ba yung benefits nang flexible dentures, sinabi po kasi sa akin ng dentist ko na yung flexible na po yung bago pero i got a feeling po na baka madali po xa matanggal dahil gumagalaw-galaw yung base niya. yung dalawang front teeth po kasi sana ipapagawa ko.

    • I don’t see any benefit for the patient. Bone resorption is faster under flexible denture. It also causes periodontal health problems. The gum shade and color is also not stable. After 3 months or more, your denture becomes brownish in color.

  17. Hi Sir. I have missing teeth.. upper, 10 in total and on the lower.. I have 2 missing and 1 broken tooth on the anterior.. how much would it cost? Thank you. 🙂

    • Have your broken tooth restored first. The cost of your dentures is probably around $260 +.

      • What can you suggest po on how to fix it? Is there other way? Thanks.

        • Have your tooth examined by a local dentist if it can still be saved with RCT. Or send a photo through our Google plus.

  18. Hi, just want to ask what is better denture: fixed denture or removable denture? Thanks!

  19. Hi There. How much would it cost me for an implant supported denture in the upper gums here in the Philippines. And how long is the process. Thanks.

  20. If i have my tooth extracted how long should i wait before i can have my dentures?

    • You can use immediate denture/healing denture after tooth extraction. Ask you dentist about it.

  21. Hi there trying, trying to get a price on a full bottom denture. It’s a gift for my mother in-law. her teeth at the bottom are crack half there, they bother her. as she is on a pension and can’t afford. we are in winnipeg canada.

    • Hi Shelley. You should visit your local dentist. Your dentist will tell you the price upon seeing the mouth of your mother in law.

  22. Great post 🙂 may I just ask how much would it cost me if i’ll have fixed dentures? my missing teeth are one tooth apart. Thanks

  23. Good day po. How much do dentures for 3 missing teeth? How much is teeth cleaning? I want it natural looking.

    • As written above, there too many factors to consider to estimate how much you’re going to pay. Just visit a dentist in your area to know the cost.

  24. whats the cost of soft dentures?

  25. Hi good afternoon. I want to know how much is removable partial denture? for 4 missing teeth lower part?

    • Find a dentist in your locality. He will tell you after mouth examination.

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